Frequently Asked Questions

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In the last quarter of 2017, Healthcare Underwriters Group, Inc. (HU), was acquired by Coverys the 5th largest Professional Liability carrier in the United States. Coverys exemplifies financial stability with its strong surplus positioning, consistent income generation, and responsible investment principles.

Coverys received a rating of “A” (Excellent) from A.M. Best. For clarification, an A.M. Best rating is based on an unbiased view of an insurance company’s operations and standing in the industry. Coverys’ “A” rating is not solely based on their impressive financial stability, but also based on their: strong risk-adjusted capitalization, profitable operating performance and effective enterprise risk management”.

HU was acquired by Coverys the 5th largest professional liability insurance carrier in the Unites States, in the last quarter of 2017. The acquisition provided HU the ability to write medical professional liability insurance in all 50 states with the backing of an ’ “A’ (Excellent) rating by A.M. Best.
HU’s parent company board of directors, comprised primarily of doctors, annually review premium recommendations from an independent independent actuary. Those recommendations are based on loss experience. After a review of the data, your elected colleagues will select the rates to be approved by Insurance Departments. Every attempt is made to establish the appropriate rate for each specialty.

There are two effective ways to build an insurance company – directly or through the use of qualified agents. It has been our experience that both distribution models develop similar costs. Unlike other lines of insurance, the sale of professional liability protection is not a process that can be effectively automated. It takes time and communication to tell the HU story and to help a doctor/group through the underwriting process.

HU has been able to quickly and cost effectively provide superior service to doctors by carefully selecting agencies/agents that:

  • Possess years of experience in medical malpractice insurance, and
  • Have a demonstrated history of putting their doctors/clients interests ahead of their own.
Tail coverage is an endorsement that is offered at a premium charge upon cancellation or non-renewal of a policy. If purchased, it provides additional time to report claims that arise from occurrences which took place on or after the policy’s retroactive date up to the policy’s cancellation date.

Yes, the tail endorsement is provided to individuals at no premium charge under the following conditions:

  • Death
  • Total disability from the permanent inability to perform the material duties of a healthcare professional.
  • Permanent retirement from practice of medicine. Conditions apply. Please Contact Us for details
Prior acts, or nose insurance coverage, protects a doctor from a prior act (treatment rendered to a patient), but not reported as a claim until after the doctor’s previous policy expires or was terminated. HU offers prior acts coverage to policyholders who meet its underwriting criteria to purchase this coverage.

HU works with independent agents throughout the nation.

If you would like to have an agent contact you to start the application process, Click Here.

HU offers a claims made policy, which is the type of policy offered by most medical malpractice insurance companies in the United States.
HU offers annual limits of $1 million with up to $2 million available. Additional limits and specific needs of large medical groups will be considered upon request. In the state of Florida limits of $250,000, $500,000, and $1,000,000 are offered.
Yes, HU accepts applications from qualified physicians from any specialty and any state in the country in which HU is licensed. Appropriate premiums are charged for each specialty. The objective is to apply a downward pressure on rates by insuring good doctors and defending them aggressively, regardless of specialty or location.
A claim, for purposes of your insurance coverage with HU, is a written or oral demand by a patient or the patient’s representative for the payment of damages, or notice from you of an incident that you reasonably expect to result in a demand for the payment of damages, based or care that you provided or on care that was provided by a subordinate or employee for whose acts or omissions you are legally responsible. A request for records or a notice that someone is merely investigating your care to determine whether to assert a claim will not be treated as a claim unless you inform us that you expect that the patient or the patient’s representative will make a demand for the payment of damages. If you are concerned about a situation and unsure what to do, please feel free to call HU’s claims department for guidance. This is your company. Our defense team works for you.
Whenever you receive a written or oral demand for payment based on care that you or someone that you supervise provided, you should contact HU as soon as possible. In most cases those demands will be in the form of a formal Notice of Intent to pursue a claim or in the form of a Summons and Complaint in which you are named as a defendant in a lawsuit. If you receive such a Notice of Intent or a Summons and Complaint you should notify us immediately because the time that you have to respond is limited. You also should report promptly any letters from a patient or patient’s lawyer making a demand, any notice of intended litigation, or any request for arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolution. Additionally, if you believe that an adverse medical event occurred that you expect to result in such a demand to pay damages you should report that event to HU promptly.
You can report a claim to HU in a variety of ways: phone, fax, email or via HU’s website on the Contact Us page. To contact HU by telephone, please call:

Toll Free Phone: (866) 484-5715
Toll Free Fax: (866) 923-0019

[javascript protected email address]
Certainly. Defense is what Healthcare Underwriters Group is all about.

Through our extensive experience in defending medical professional liability claims, HU has identified the most experienced and successful medical professional liability defense attorneys in the locations where our policyholders practice. Like the practice of medicine, the practice of law has developed specialists and subspecialists who have extensive knowledge and talent in particular fields based on unique training and years of experience. The lawyers that we appoint to represent policyholders specialize in defending physicians against professional liability claims. They have exceptional records of success in trying cases to verdict and exonerating policyholders.
HU’s defense counsel will retain medical experts in the same specialty as the defendant physician to determine whether the care that HU’s policyholder provided was reasonable. Many times your counsel also will seek the medical advice and testimony of a variety of specialists to bolster the defense that your alleged acts or omissions were not the cause of the claimed injury.
Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to that question. Some claims are resolved, or abandoned by the patient, within a few months. Conversely, lawsuits that have complicated medical issues and/or a number of defendants may take four to five years or longer before final resolution. The duration of any claim depends on multiple factors including the judge assigned to the case, the litigation strategies of the plaintiff and defense lawyers, the number of parties and expert witnesses involved, and the complexity of the medical and legal issues. We encourage defense counsel to move the case at the quickest pace that is most consistent with the best interests of HU's policyholders.
Simply put, HU’s top priority is defending it physician policyholders' reputations. Paying claims based on allegations that lack medical merit, either on issues of reasonable care or causation, not only injures the reputations of policyholders but also encourages plaintiff lawyers to assert claims that have no merit and to file “shot gun” lawsuits against multiple physicians. Over the long haul, it is far less expensive and in the best interest of HU policyholders’ reputations to provide its policyholders with a vigorous defense.
HU’s risk management approach is to be as pro-active as possible. Connect with our risk management team whenever you need personal attention for your practice by calling (866) 431-0200 or at [javascript protected email address]
In-person Risk Management Seminars are planned yearly. Check our schedules and watch for notices that will be sent out in advance of each presentation. HU Group also partners with top-ranked nationally known risk management companies to provide on-line, always available, education. Click here for more information
Connect with our risk management professionals to discuss your desire for an on-site Risk-Assessment by calling (866) 431-0200 or at [javascript protected email address]
HU partners with top-ranked, nationally known risk management companies to provide on-line, always available, and specialty specific continuing education. Click here for more information
HU offers proactive risk management self-assessments for physician offices. If insured with HU, check with you insurance agent or click here to contact us.
HU provides Risk Management Seminars, Information, and Risk Management Consultation without charge. Decisions regarding charges for other services (such as onsite risk assessments, office staff risk management education programs, etc.) will be made on an individual basis depending on the circumstances.
HU's application should be completed and emailed along with Loss Runs, CV and any other supporting documents to [javascript protected email address].
HU was acquired by Coverys the 5th largest professional liability insurance carrier in the Unites States, in the last quarter of 2017. The acquisition provided HU the ability to write medical professional liability insurance in all 50 states with the backing of an ’ “A’ (Excellent) rating by A.M. Best. The synergy between Healthcare Underwriters Group, Inc and Coverys is undeniable and has already shown signs of tremendous success and growth.
Healthcare Underwriters Group, Inc as of 2017 became A Coverys company. This means that HU is now backed by Coverys’ “A” (Excellent) rating by A.M. Best.
HU prides itself in the team of highly experienced medical malpractice focused agents/agencies that the Company has been fortunate to work with since its inception. If you are an agent/agency with extensive regional or national experience in medical malpractice and are interested in being appointed with HU, please Click Here