Healthcare Underwriters Group, Inc

A physician directed and innovatively managed medical malpractice insurance company that for more than a decade has earned its reputation
by providing high-touch service and protecting its policyholder's reputation through an unparalleled defense program.

Founded more than a decade ago in the midst of the Medical Malpractice crisis, Healthcare Underwriters Group, has weathered the ever-changing and complex Healthcare delivery system. This was accomplished by the conservative management of a highly experienced team of insurance professionals combined with the oversight of a physician based board of directors who are also policyholders and shareholders. The company provides customized and creative underwriting programs and an unrivaled aggressive defense of its policyholders.

HU’s core business is providing medical malpractice insurance to physician groups of all sizes and specialties. HU currently provides coverage for:

  • Physicians/Physician Groups of all sizes and specialties
  • Outpatient and Urgent Care Centers
  • Hospital based contract service firms such as Emergency Departments, Anesthesia and Radiology

Available Coverages:
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Professional Liability

Cyber Liability

Legal Expense for
Administrative Proceeding

Enterprise-Wide Coverage


Meet our Team

Joshua Salman

Joshua M. Salman

President & Chief Executive Officer
David Lester

David Lester, CPA, CGMA

VP & Chief Financial Officer
William Ludwig

William Ludwig, JD

VP & Chief Claims Officer
Thomas Mueller

Thomas Mueller, CPA, CGMA

VP of Finance - Controller
Charles Gagliano

Charles Gagliano

Director of Technology
Maxine Gutman

Maxine Gutman

Director of Claims
Jack Frye

Jack Frye

Director of Underwriting


Don't take our word for it. Read what some of our policyholders think about HU.

Every insurance company talks about aggressively defending claims. However, many of them settle claims without informing the physician. As a member of HU's claims committee, I know claims are taken to the committee, which consists of physician members like me. The group decides whether to defend or settle the claim with the insured's input. HU actually involves the doctor in the claims settlement process. I don't know why more companies aren't doing this.
Dr. Scot Ackerman
Radiation Oncology
I truly value HU's customer service. They are an amazing group of people. I can call any officer directly with questions I may have. HU's officers each have twenty-five years or more of experience. Even the CEO takes calls directly from members. No other Malpractice Insurance Company did that for me ever!!!
Dr. Alicia Rodriguez-Jorge
Internal Medicine
Healthcare Underwriters Group knew I did the right thing and stuck by me during litigation and went the full distance, refusing to settle, even though it was going to cost them more money to defend. In the end, we prevailed.
Dr. Stanley Braverman
Founder Braverman Eye Institute
Many of HU's competitors made big bets with their investments, placing their doctors' money at considerable risk. Our company invested its doctors' hard earned dollars conservatively so that those dollars will be there for the purpose intended – to protect our physician insureds. In fact, amidst this financial tsunami HU was the only company that we are aware of who was able to actually grow its investment portfolio.
Dr. Siva Bellam
Medical Oncology and Hematology
When I researched carriers, I wanted a partner that provided us the comfort of a solid defense philosophy, strong risk management programs and was physician governed/owned. I joined HU because I saw it as a long term opportunity with all of the craziness going on lately with insurance companies, it feels good to know I have a voice. HU continues to exceed our expectations.
Dr. James Talano
I felt like I was in very good hands. The communication was open from the beginning, HU always kept me in the loop and took all of the necessary steps to make me feel comfortable and confident that things would go well…and they did!
Dr. J. Frank Avery
Family Practice